Carrying Joe Landini. Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Carrying Joe Landini.
Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Welcome, spring!
It has been a busy time of creation and rehearsal for me.
Ahead in April is the culmination of Avy K Productions’ project Red Wind/Ruah Aduma, which will transform the Joe Goode Annex into a colorful, immersive environment of wild juxtapositions. In May I am part of Piñata Dance Collective’s timely work Piñata 45: The End Of Her Rope, which tell stories of survival in the relm of the female body politic. In June Alma Esperanza Cunningham’s She Went takes on the swan at the Yerba Buena Gardens, and I venture into acting in the poet Bonnie Kwong’s new play Liriope, mounted at the Jasper Ridge Nature Reserve.
I feel lucky to be working with these caring, intelligent and fearless artists, who create and imagine worlds and futures beyond the current cultural paradigm.

On the teaching front I’m happy to announce intensive workshops at the Breitenbush Jam in Oregon and the West Coast Contact Improvisation JAM in Berkeley, CA, Contemporary and CI classes at the Northern California Dance Camp, a workshop in Eugene, OR, and hosting the Moab Jam in Utah.

Ronja Ver (Ronja Verkasalo) is a dancer and a dance maker, a teacher, a mother, an activist, a scholar, a native of Finland, living and making work in the San Francisco Bay Area.